Proton X90 Tuned for Malaysian Roads – 96,000 Hours of Testing Over 1.2 Million Kilometre
March 28, 2023 Andrew Cheng

At the media preview of the now confirmed Proton X90, the national carmaker also revealed that the upcoming D-segment SUV has been tuned for Malaysian roads. This, in turn, should translate to refined ride and handling – a strong suit of Proton.

According to the director of group engineering at Proton, Hazrin Fazail Haroon, the X90 has been tested extensively on Malaysian roads. In fact, it has traveled a total of 1.2 million kilometre in its development, taking up over 96,000 hours of testing.

It was also revealed that the X90 will be sporting a multi-link rear suspension, which is a change over the original Geely Haoyue – the model it is based on – which uses a torsion beam setup instead. Multi-link suspensions are (generally) considered to offer superior ride and handling, so it’s good to hear that the X90 features this setup.

No launch or booking date has been set yet for the Proton X90, though a public preview will be held at six cities in Malaysia from 8 April onwards. interested customers will be able to look and feel the new SUV before its official launch, and (hopefully) place a booking at the same time. More details on the X90 can be found here.