SINGAKBD Unikorn R2.2 Rerun – Next In-Stock Sale on 30 March 2023 for RM1,950
March 28, 2023 Andrew Cheng

The next in-stock sale for SINGAKBD’s very popular Unikorn custom keyboard is happening this Thursday on 30 March. This is the third in-stock sale of the 60% custom keyboard, and as usual, it will be done through a raffle.

Just like the previous in-stock sale earlier this month, stocks for this third Unikorn raffle is approximately half of the usual amount (300 units). The colourways offered will be the same as well, which are the Berlin Blue and Pewter Grey colour options.

Do note that those who won the very first round of Unikorn raffle (Flamenco Red and Reseda Green) late last year cannot join this round of sale. However, there will be a fourth round of raffle sale for 60 units of a Special Edition Unikorn sometime in the future; that one will be a free for all.

As for pricing, the SINGAKBD Unikorn R2.2 rerun is set to go for RM1,950; the price increase is attributed to higher metal prices. Check out SINGAKBD’s official Discord channel and this page for more information on the sale come 30 March this Thursday.