PantheonKeys Launching Purity Switch – Medium Tactility With Full PBT Housing
March 23, 2023 Andrew Cheng

PantheonKeys, a custom keyboard vendor based in Singapore, is releasing a new tactile switch soon. Dubbed Purity, the upcoming switch has a medium tactile bump with a full PBT housing. That’s quite a unique choice of material, even if the vendor isn’t the first to do so.

PBT plastic is known for its deep, “thocky” sound profile, which is the very reason why PantheonKeys went with this material for the Purity’s top and bottom housings. “We’ve experimented with different materials to find the deepest, thockiest thock we can make, and we believe that the PBT housing material we’ve chosen plays a big role in achieving that sound,” said the vendor.

Aside from the full PBT housing, the Purity also features a single-stage 65g spring with a “mystery blend” stem. It is also factory lubed with 3.4mm of travel; slightly shorter compared to the standard 4mm key travel. It’ll be interesting to see how the reduced travel would affect the typing experience.

According to PantheonKeys, pre-orders for the Purity switch will be opened in the next couple of weeks. As for pricing, it will be priced at around S$0.60 per switch, which comes up to about RM2 per switch. We’ll be receiving the Purity switch from PantheonKeys for review purposes, so stay tuned for that!