Exclusive: Proton Digital Xperience Store Spotted in KL – Run by ACO Tech?
March 17, 2023 Andrew Cheng

We just spotted a very intriguing retail space in Kuala Lumpur, which looks to be a Proton Digital “Xperience” store of sorts. Although the sign on the facade of Quill City Mall – where the store is located – is covered up, Proton’s logo and script are still quite visible, and a Proton DX logo can be seen inside the mall as well. To top it off, it appears to be run by ACO Tech.

At least, we believe it will be run by ACO Tech, given the presence of the company’s branding in the retail space. While the Proton DX store is covered up from the outside, we did manage to snap some shots through the gaps in the coverings. There appears to be an interactive game in the store too, which features the Proton X50, X70, and Iriz.

Aside from that, we saw a number of Lynk & Co logos in the store too, which is another car brand under Geely. It’s interesting to see Lynk & Co’s presence here, though it’s possible only merchandise from the brand are sold here; there are some featured in the retail space.

Several ACO Tech products can be seen throughout the store too. These include ATLAS Pay – a car-based digital wallet system – and even the Proton X Watch, a smartwatch that lets X50 and X70 owners control their vehicles. Oh, several apparel with a curious branding are also showcased in the retail space.

It’s worth noting that the Proton DX store is currently hiring retail crew and barista as well, suggesting that it could be offering a cafe experience in some form.

It remains to be seen exactly when the Proton Digital Xperience store will be operational, but given just how complete the retail space looks on the inside, we reckon it will be opened to the public very soon. We have contacted both Proton and ACO Tech regarding this curious store, and we’ll share any update once we hear back from them.