Video: JRIS75 Review – Another “Best” Budget 75% Custom Keyboard
March 7, 2023 Andrew Cheng

IRISLAB is back with another affordable keyboard, the JRIS75. It sports a unique mechanism that allows for easy disassembly of the top case without the use of any tools, and it has a customisable gasket mounting system too – all from only RM696.

At this price point, the value proposition of the JRIS75 is incredibly good. The sound profile and typing feel of this 75% custom keyboard are also great. It is neither too clacky or thocky, it has a soft, comfortable typing experience, and it can be configured with a knob as well.

The JRIS75 groupbuy is now live through Rebult Keyboards in Malaysia until 12 March 2023; it will be closed earlier if the 3,000 unit limit is reached. Watch our full video review above to learn more about the JRIS75!