Budget 2023: License Fees Waiver for B2 Motorcycle, Taxi, Bus, e-Hailing Tests
February 24, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Malaysia’s Budget 2023 is being retabled today, and one of the biggest transport-related announcements is the waiver of license fees for four different categories. These include test fees for B2 motorcycle (below 250cc), taxi, bus, and e-hailing.

The initiative was originally announced by the previous administration in October 2022, and this is really a confirmation that it will be implemented. The license fees waiver for these classes of vehicles is meant to help folks who rely on these vehicle classes to make a living, such as the B40 group.

It remains to be seen exactly when (and for how long) the license fees waiver will be implemented. We’ll have to wait for more details to be announced by the government in the near future.