Genshin Impact Dehya & Mika Teased – Playable in Version 3.5 Update?
January 17, 2023 Andrew Cheng

In typical Hoyoverse fashion, the developer dropped a teaser for two (sort of) new characters coming to Genshin Impact: Dehya and Mika. Both of them have actually appeared in the game before, so chances are, they will be playable in the Version 3.5 update of Genshin Impact.

After all, characters that are teased by Hoyoverse are usually playable in the next version update of Genshin Impact, so there’s no reason the same wouldn’t apply to Dehya and Mika. Unfortunately, the rarity of the new characters has not been revealed yet, though we reckon Dehya is a 5-star character, given how prominent she is in the main Sumeru storyline.

As with previous teasers, there’s no mention of the weapons that Dehya and Mika use, though the former does wield a claymore in-game. As the Vision of the two characters show in-game – and confirmed by Hoyoverse itself – Dehya wields the Pyro element, while Mika is a Cryo character.

Expect Dehya and Mika to be playable characters once Genshin Impact 3.5 is here, which should be released sometime in March 2023, given that the Version 3.4 update drops tomorrow on 18 January. That’s also when Alhaitham’s, Xiao’s, and Yaoyao’s event wishes will be available in Genshin Impact.