Marvel Snap Introduces Slew of Changes – Card Nerfs & Buffs, Series Drop, QoL Improvements
January 11, 2023 Andrew Cheng

Second Dinner just dropped a new patch for Marvel Snap, and there are quite a number of changes to go through. Not only have several cards been nerfed – some even got buffed – a number of Series 4 and Series 5 cards are also going down a Series in the near future, making them more accessible.

First up, cards that have been nerfed in Marvel Snap. Leader – I absolutely hate his ability – Aero, Nova, and Galactus have their powers reduced by one. It’s worth noting that both Leader and Galactus may see additional changes in the future.

As for cards that are buffed, both Groot and Drax have their powers increased by one, though their effects also see one power reduction. This change is meant to make them less risky to play, even if their final powers (if their effects land) are ultimately unchanged. Besides that, Hazmat, Nakia, and Black Cat have their powers increased by one too.

Now, onto the Series Drop. The Series 5 cards that will be moved to Series 4 include Bast, Shuri, Black Panther, Valkyrie, and Super-Skrull, while Series 4 cards that are going down to Series 3 are She-Hulk, Absorbing Man, Luke Cage, and Titania. This Series Drop is expected to take place on 31 January through a patch.

Beyond these changes, Marvel Snap sees other quality-of-life improvements as well. Cards that take a long time to finish their animations, for one, will see the game “fast forward” to the end of their effects. The full patch note can be found here.