Another Highway Toll Evader Caught With 45 Unpaid Toll Fares – Mercedes A-Class Driver Charged RM275.65
January 9, 2023 Andrew Cheng

It looks like yet another highway toll evader got caught. This time around, it’s a Mercedes-Benz A-Class driver, who has managed to evade a grand total of 45 toll charges before getting caught – that is quite a number of evasions.

The Mercedes driver was caught on the AKLEH highway by Prolintas; there’s a chance the driver did not manage to tailgate another car to get through the toll’s boom gate. The offender paid RM275.65 on the spot to settle the unpaid toll charges.

Evidently, the driver is lucky to only have to pay that amount of money – even if it’s quite a big sum – without getting any form of summon for the offense. A fine can be issued to toll evaders, though legal actions have to be pursued.

Beyond getting fined, the act of toll evasion is also dangerous as it requires the offender to closely tailgate another car in order to pass through the boom gate. Of course, dangerous driving in itself is a punishable offense, so be warned!