Dell Concept Nyx Game Controller Features Adaptive Thumb Sticks & Fingerprint Sensor
January 6, 2023 Andrew Cheng

The Dell Concept Nyx made its debut back in 2022 as an edge gaming concept that provides easy access to a user’s gaming library on multiple devices and screens. This year, the company released the Dell Concept Nyx Game Controller to further improve upon the concept.

On the surface, the Concept Nyx Game Controller looks like your average gamepad, but it does have some intriguing features. The thumb sticks, for example, have a “self-adjusting variable resistance” system to add immersion in games. It even has a scroll wheel for easy navigation or weapon cycling in supported games.

Of course, the most interesting features of the Concept Nyx Game Controller play into Concept Nyx itself. The controller can be pointed to a screen or device to start streaming games by pulling the trigger – voice commands can be used to achieve this too – and it has a fingerprint sensor as well to launch, say, a game you yourself previous played instead of someone else that uses the controller too.

Dell Concept Nyx and the Nyx Game Controller are certainly interesting, but it remains to be seen if Dell can execute the idea. With that in mind, Concept Nyx has no tentative release yet, given that it is still a…well, concept. It’ll be interesting to see if it will ever materialise to be a consumer product.