Dell Concept Luna Modular Laptop Can Be Disassembled in Minutes
December 19, 2022 Andrew Cheng

It’s been a year since Dell revealed its Concept Luna sustainable laptop design. Though the product still remains a concept today, the company did share some updates; more specifically, a refinement on the modular design of Concept Luna.

Some of these refinements to Concept Luna include “eliminating the need for adhesives and cables, and minimising the use of screws.” According to Dell, it would be easier to repair and dismantle the laptop when it becomes necessary.

In fact, Dell said that the Concept Luna design can be disassembled “in mere minutes,” which is a lofty claim. After all, even the Framework Laptop – a modular laptop that you can actually buy today in certain markets – takes longer than that to be diassembled.

But as mentioned, there’s no mention of Dell’s Concept Luna being a consumer-ready product in the company’s press release, so it remains a proof-of-concept until further notice. Nonetheless, it does show Dell’s commitment to being more sustainable. Hopefully, this philosophy will translate to its future product releases.