You Can Battle Your Friends in Marvel Snap Soon – Unranked Mode Also Coming
December 19, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Marvel Snap will finally let you play against your friends soon. Second Dinner revealed this through a development roadmap for the digital card game, and more exciting features are coming too, including Unranked Mode.

Players will be able to play against their friends in Marvel Snap through Battle Mode. Instead of fighting for “cubes” to rank up, each player will start with 10 health. Snapping your opponent (friend) will reduce his or her health by four, though that’s assuming you win the match.

This continues until one player has no health left; simple enough.

Besides that, Marvel Snap also revealed Unranked Mode. You won’t have to worry about losing your rank or cubes in this mode, so it’s perfect for players to try out new decks and strategies. However, there’s no timeline yet as to when Unranked Mode will be released.

As for Battle Mode, it will be coming to Marvel Snap in the next month or two. You can check out the full development roadmap right here, which has some other exciting updates, including the ability to change your username.