SINGAKBD Jaguar V2 Group Buy Goes Live on Monokei 16 December From S$720
December 13, 2022 Andrew Cheng

A popular SINGAKBD keyboard is going on sale through Monokei this Friday on 16 December! The SINGAKBD Jaguar V2 is one of the most recognisable TKL keyboards in the custom keyboard hobby, and now, anyone who wants the keyboard can get their hands on it.

The release of the Jaguar V2 is a partnership between SINGAKBD and Monokei. The group buy will run from 16 to 31 December from S$720 (about RM2,355) for the solderable PCB. If you want a hotswap PCB instead, it’s an additional S$10 (approximately RM30).

For that kind of money, the Jaguar V2 features either a winkeyless or winkey TKL layout; there’s no price difference for the two options. It also has different mounting styles – top mount or O-ring/X-ring mount – a sandblasted stainless steel grill weight, a stainless steel internal weight, along with an aluminium or polycarbonate plate.

To recap, group buy of the SINGAKBD Jaguar V2 will start from 16 to 31 December 2022 with a S$720 starting price, and fulfilment is estimated to begin sometime in Q3 2023. While that’s quite a bit of wait, it could be worth it for folks who have been eagerly waiting for the return of the Jaguar.