Video: TTRacing Duo V4 Pro Review – Worth RM499?
December 2, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Here’s our video review of the affordable TTRacing Duo V4 Pro gaming chair! Retailing at RM499, it will certainly appeal to folks who are on a budget. For that kind of money, the gaming chair offers a number of interesting features.

These include an adjustable headrest, a large lumbar pillow, a pretty wide seat base to accommodate users of different body types, and even smooth hydraulics and castors. If you don’t need the adjustable headrest or lumbar pillow, you can opt for the standard Duo V4 instead for RM429 – that’s RM70 less.

If you’d like a written review of the TTRacing Duo V4 Pro instead, we have that right here. You can get the gaming chair – or any other products from the brand, including the new Titus Smart Desk – on TTRacing’s official store. You can also use the code NEXTRIFT10 to get a 10% discount with no minimum spend.