Akko ACR TOP 75 + Chosfox Voyager Review: Sleek, Affordable Top-Mounted Acrylic Keyboard
November 29, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Akko has released quite a number of keyboards throughout the year, and one such keyboard is the Akko ACR TOP 75. Not only does it have an eye-catching design with an acrylic case and RGB lighting, it also has a top mount construction – that’s pretty rare in today’s market.

For this review, the ACR TOP 75 is paired with the Chosfox Voyager tactile switch, which complements the keyboard quite well with its stiff top-mounted design. If you’re looking to get an affordable top mount keyboard or a new tactile switch, keep on reading!

Akko ACR Top 75

Let’s start with the ACR TOP 75. As its name suggests, it is a 75% keyboard with the aforementioned top mount design, making for a stiff typing experience. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, of course: some folks prefer the stiffness of top-mounted keyboards.

Aside from that, the ACR TOP 75 is available with either an acrylic case – the model you see in this review – or a more substantial aluminium case. However, do note that the aluminium version does not feature the RGB lighting of the acrylic model, which gives the keyboard an eye-catching aesthetic, in my opinion.

As for plate option, the ACR TOP 75 features a brass plate, which stiffens up the typing feel even more. Paired with the top mount design of the keyboard, there’s no doubt that this is a rigid, stiff keyboard. Again, not necessarily a bad thing, as it depends on your preference. Do note that the aluminium version comes with an additional FR4 plate, which should offer a slightly softer typing feel.

Pricing wise, the ACR TOP 75 starts at $125.99 for the acrylic version, while the aluminium one is priced at $169.99. For us here in Malaysia, however, the keyboard is slightly more affordable: Akko’s store on Shopee is listing the acrylic and aluminium versions of the TOP 75 for RM469.99 and RM689.99 respectively, though the former is currently sold out.

So…how is it like to type on the ACR TOP 75? As expected, it’s stiff; like, really rigid. The keyboard’s top mount design and brass plate offer absolutely no amount of flexibility, so you don’t get any of that bouncy or soft typing experience. If a stiff typing feel is what you want, you’ll definitely get that with this keyboard.

Sound profile of the ACR TOP 75, as you can hear in the sound test at the beginning of this review, is quite pleasant – to my ears, anyway. Paired with the Chosfox Voyager tactile switch, it has a nice, “poppy” clackiness to it. There’s no pinging of any kind either, which can be attributed to the keyboard’s acrylic case.

If you’re a fan of RGB lighting, you’ll definitely find the ACR TOP 75 appealing. Well, this acrylic version, anyway. The RGB lighting diffuses throughout the acrylic case quite nicely, and even though there are other keyboards that offer a similar aesthetic, there’s no denying that it looks good on this keyboard.

Chosfox Voyager

If you like highly tactile switches such as the Gazzew U4T and Glorious Panda, the Chosfox Voyager will be right up your alley. Not only does it have a very pronounced (and quite sharp) tactile bump, there’s almost no pre-travel either. I would’ve liked if the Voyager had a more rounded bump, but this is just my own personal preference.

When it comes to sound profile, the Voyager is definitely a clacky, higher-pitched switch. Thanks to the 62.5g two-stage spring, its upstroke is quite “aggressive” too, which does make for a…responsive typing experience, for lack of a better word.

Stem wobble of the Voyager is not too bad either, but certainly not the best. It does feel like a stable switch to type on – even with higher profile keycaps – though there’s still noticeable horizontal and vertical wobble. Not the worst, of course, but definitely not the best.

Overall, the Voyager is definitely an interesting tactile switch. It feels great to type on out of the box as well with a relatively smooth downstroke, thanks to the factory lube. Priced at $19.25 (about RM85) for 35 switches, it’s not a particularly expensive switch either.

The Akko ACR Top 75 and Chosfox Voyager are two great products, especially for those who are on a tighter budget. They are by no means the best keyboard or tactile switch in the market now, but their value propositions are very good – an important quality for affordable products like these.