Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro Review: Ridiculously Lightweight, Comfortable Gaming Mouse for RM749
November 21, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Razer’s lineup of DeathAdder gaming mice are known for their comfortable, ergonomic design. The same remains true for the latest Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro, and to top it off, the gaming mouse is also lighter than ever now – it’s said to be 25% lighter than its predecessor.

Tipping the scales at 63g, the DeathAdder V3 Pro is a ridiculously lightweight mouse, and it still retains the signature ergonomic design without any “holes” to reduce weight. Of course, it’s not exactly an affordable mouse either, but you are getting a fantastic gaming mouse.

What It Is

The Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro, like the previous models, features an ergonomic shell. Unfortunately, it’s shaped for right-handed users, and there is no left-handed version of the mouse – not yet, anyway. It is also a wireless mouse that can be paired with the Razer HyperPolling Wireless Dongle for reduced latency.

However, that dongle is a separate purchase (RM149), and it’s really only made for the most serious of gamers that want the absolute best wireless performance. In my usage, the standard 2.4GHz 1,000Hz receiver is more than fast enough for my needs. I’ll elaborate more further down the review.

Naturally, the lightweight nature of the DeathAdder V3 Pro is one of its best selling points too. Curiously, the Black model tips the scales at 63g, while the White model is ever so slightly heavier at 64g. While a mere gram of difference does not sound much, it’s still worth pointing out.

Last but not least is the asking price of the DeathAdder V3 Pro, which is set at RM749 in Malaysia. That’s quite a hefty price tag, but its feature set does justify the cost, though it still depends on your needs and requirements for a gaming mouse.

The Good Stuff

The first time I picked up the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro, I was surprised by its weight – or rather, lack thereof. It is very lightweight, to the point that my personal Logitech G Pro feels heavy in comparison, which weighs 80g. The 14g difference between the Razer and Logitech mice is really quite noticeable.

Thanks to the lightweight nature of the DeathAdder V3 Pro, it’s my favourite gaming mouse for…well, gaming. Whether it’s fast-paced games like Valorant or Fortnite, the DeathAdder is a joy to game with. I can position my shots quickly and more accurately with this mouse than, say, the aforementioned Logitech G Pro.

Aside from that, the Razer Focus Pro 30K optical sensor of the DeathAdder V3 Pro feels competent too. Not only can it can track my movements without issues, there doesn’t seem to be any noticeable latency either – as expected of Razer.

Speaking of latency, I used the default 1000Hz receiver with the DeathAdder V3 Pro, and it feels just as responsive as a wired gaming mouse, in my opinion. I don’t think the RM149 Razer HyperPolling Wireless Dongle – which increases the polling rate from 1,000Hz to 4,000Hz – is necessary at all for my particular usage.

And then we have the DeathAdder V3 Pro’s battery life, and it is excellent. Razer promises up to 90 hours of use on a single charge, and I can get this level of battery life effortlessly. However, do note that if paired to the Razer HyperPolling Wireless Dongle, the mouse’s battery life drops to 24 hours.

Next, we have the 100% PTFE mouse feet of the DeathAdder V3 Pro. On a regular deskmat – not one of those gamer-centric mousepads and whatnot – the feet still allow the mouse to glide smoothly. There’s no “scratchy” sensation of any kind either.

Last but not least is the overall shape and design of the DeathAdder V3 Pro. The ergonomic shell fits my hand well – and I don’t have particularly large hands – and it’s comfortable enough for prolonged use outside of gaming too. I’m quite fond of the minimalist Razer logo on the mouse as well.

The Bad Stuff

Slippery. The Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro is one slippery mouse. Granted, Razer does provide pre-cut grip tapes with the mouse to make it…grippier, but I’m not a fan of the tapes’ texture. It feels a tad too “sticky” for my liking, though it does make it much easier to get a good grip on the mouse.

I’m not too fond of the DeathAdder V3 Pro’s side buttons either. They’re a tad too big, so I find myself accidentally clicking them quite often, especially in heated gaming sessions. Of course, depending on the size of your hands and grip style, you may not face this issue.

While this isn’t a negative in my book, the DeathAdder V3 Pro’s lack of RGB lighting can be a shortcoming to some folks. It’s a completely fine omission in my opinion to maximise the DeathAdder’s battery life, but if you want your mouse to come with bright, dazzling lights, you won’t get that here.

Is It Worth It?

The Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro is made for folks that want a lightweight gaming mouse with an ergonomic design and long battery life. It may not be the lightest or most eye-catching mouse in the market now, but it is comfortable, thanks to its ergonomic shape.

Yes, retailing at RM749, the DeathAdder V3 Pro is not a budget-friendly gaming mouse. But given its feature set, I do see the justification for the price tag. It’s not an affordable mouse, but it’s certainly an comfortable, very lightweight mouse that’s excellent for gaming – it’s also quite long-lasting.