SINGAKBD Unikorn R2.2 Rerun – First In-Stock Sale on 28 November 2022 for RM1,950
November 16, 2022 Andrew Cheng

We finally got a sale date for the 2022 rerun of SINGAKBD’s very popular Unikorn custom keyboard. The first in-stock sale of three (!) is happening on 28 November, but as usual, the sale will be done through a raffle.

As previously revealed by SINGAKBD, this first round of Unikorn sale will consist of 300 units; it will be a combination of the Flamenco Red and Reseda Green colourways. A second sale (also 300 units) will be held sometime in Q1 2023 for the other two colours: Berlin Blue and Pewter Grey.

Do note that those who won the first round of raffle (Red + Green) for the Unikorn rerun cannot join the second round (Blue + Grey). However, there will be a third round of raffle sale for 60 units of a Special Edition Unikorn sometime in the future; that one will be a free for all.

As for pricing, the SINGAKBD Unikorn R2.2 rerun is set to go for RM1,950; the price increase is attributed to higher metal prices. Check out SINGAKBD’s official Discord channel and this page for more information on the sale come 28 November.