Acerpure Pro P2 Review: Feature-Rich Air Purifier For RM1,099
November 14, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Acer is well-known for its range of laptops, desktops, and monitors, and in recent times, the Taiwanese company is also focusing quite a bit on smart home products. This includes the Acerpure Pro P2, an air purifier with quite a number of compelling features.

If you’re looking to get an air purifier for your living room or bedroom, consider the Pro P2. While it’s not exactly affordable with a RM1,299 price tag – though you can easily get it for as low as RM1,099 now – it will certainly get the job done.

Besides that, it looks quite sleek too, in my opinion.

What It Is

First and foremost, the Acerpure Pro P2 air purifier has a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 324 m3/h. Basically, the higher the CADR figure, the more efficient it is at filtering out pollutants from the air. At 324 m3/h, the Pro P2 can effectively provide clean air to a typical apartment’s living room or bedroom.

Besides that, the Pro P2 is said to be ideal for room sizes ranging up to 45 m2, which comes up to about 484sqft. It also has an LCD display to show air quality, a power-efficient DC motor, five purifier speeds, WiFi connectivity – yes, there’s an app for it – and even a cute little remote control to change the air purifier’s settings.

As mentioned, the Acerpure Pro P2 retails at RM1,299, though it is going for only RM1,099 now from Shopee Mall retailer Just IT. Even Acer Malaysia itself is listing the air purifier at RM1,199, which does improve its value proposition quite a bit.

The Good Stuff

Given the primary function of an air purifier is to…well, purify the air, let’s talk about the Acerpure Pro P2’s performance first. Throughout my time with the air purifier – it’s been about three months now – the Pro P2 does work as intended.

I placed the Pro P2 in my bedroom, and since I started using it, I do notice less dust in the room. There’s also a certain “fresh air” scent as I enter my bedroom after a long day at work after switching on the air purifier about an hour before I arrive home.

And that brings us to the Acerpure Life app. Not only is it quite intuitive to use, I can also easily control the Pro P2 through the app, such as scheduling when I want to switch it on and off. Another neat feature of the app is the fact that it shows both indoor and outdoor air quality.

Setup process of the Acerpure Pro P2 is quite easy too. All I needed to do was take off the wrappers, push in the HEPA filter into the compartment, close it up, and…that’s it. Thanks to this seamless setup process, replacing the filter when needed will be a breeze too. The app will even let me know when a replacement is due.

Another neat feature of the Pro P2 is its remote control. While I would’ve liked for the remote to be slightly bigger, I do like the convenience of controlling the air purifier from the comfort of my bed. I also appreciate the fact that I can magnetically attach it to the back of the air purifier.

Last but not least is the design of the Pro P2. In my opinion, it looks sleek enough to not look out of place in the living room or bedroom. Of course, this is a subjective matter.

The Bad Stuff

But what is not subjective is my main qualm with the Acerpure Pro P2: the screen does not switch off automatically. It will constantly display the current air quality, which is fine for most of the day, but not when I’m going to bed. To have the display (somewhat) light up one corner of the bedroom is a bit of an annoyance.

Thankfully, it is possible to switch off the display with the remote control, but I’ll have to do this every single night. The display’s behaviour resets after every shut down, unfortunately.

Aside from that, the Pro P2 does get noticeably loud at higher speeds, especially in Turbo mode. It also vibrates quite a bit at higher speeds, so I tend to not have it run at such a high setting for an extended period of time.

Once air quality has improved though, the air purifier does run much quieter in Smart mode. It’s barely audible, so I can sleep soundly with it running in the background.

Is It Worth It?

If you want a quiet air purifier that can effectively improve the air quality of your living space – provided it’s not a huge room – the Acerpure Pro P2 is definitely worth considering. Not only does it work quite well, it’s also quiet (once air quality has improved accordingly) with a rather sleek-looking design.

Plus, you can now get the Pro P2 with a pretty good amount of discount. Granted, RM1,099 is still quite a bit of money, but you are getting an air purifier that gets the job done.