“Ultra-Customisable” DualSense Edge for PS5 Coming to Malaysia 26 January for RM999
October 19, 2022 Andrew Cheng

First introduced a couple of months ago, the local availability and pricing of the new DualSense Edge controller for the PS5 has just been announced. Set to arrive in Malaysia next year on 26 January 2023, the premium controller carries an equally premium price tag.

For the Malaysian market, the DualSense Edge goes for a cool RM999. That’s quite a bit more costly than the standard DualSense controller, which currently retails between RM349 to RM369, depending on the colourway. Of course, given the premium, the Edge does have an edge – excuse the pun – over the regular controller.

While the DualSense Edge looks similar to the standard DualSense controller, it features a number of customisation options for a “completely personalised controller experience,” as Sony puts it. Not only can you adjust the sensitivity and dead zones of the analog sticks, you can also swap it out for different stick caps. These include the standard design, high dome, and low dome.

Oh, the stick module itself can also be completely swapped out to essentially prolong the controller’s lifespan, though the module is (naturally) sold separately for RM99 in Malaysia.

Besides the analog sticks, the adaptive triggers of the DualSense Edge can also be customised. You can adjust the travel distance and dead zones of the triggers to suit different games, and the L2/R2 buttons are textured now too for better grip.

Of course, there are also a slew of extra buttons on the DualSense Edge. There are two back buttons now – which can be swapped to a half-dome or lever design – that can be configured to any other button input. The fn buttons below the analog sticks can be used to adjust your setup as well, either to swap between pre-set control profiles, adjust game volume, or even access the controller profile settings menu.

To recap, the DualSense Edge will arrive in Malaysia next year on 26 January 2023 for RM999. If you’re keen to get it, check with your favourite game store – we reckon they will be taking pre-orders of the Edge very soon.