Monokei to Hold TGR 910 v2 ME In-Stock Sale on 25 October – Raffle for 200 Units
October 15, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Monokei’s partnership with TGR continues with yet another (highly sought-after) custom keyboard, the TGR 910 v2 ME. Just like how it was with the TGR Jane v2 ME, the sale of the TGR 910 will be done as an in-stock raffle, though units are limited.

The raffle for the TGR 910 v2 ME will take place on 25 October from 11AM to 1PM (Malaysian time), and only 200 units are up for grabs. It’s also offered with either a solder or hotswap PCB for S$690 and S$700 respectively; that comes up to about RM2,270 and RM2,305.

Compared to the original version, the TGR 910 v2 ME has been updated with some modern features, including a USB-C port and magnetic backplate courtesy of Monokei. It features a polycarbonate plate and two mounting styles (top mount or O-ring) as well, and winners of the keyboard’s raffle will get a complimentary set of Monokei’s Series 1 White on Black keycaps too.

To recap, Monokei will hold the in-stock raffle of the TGR 910 v2 ME on 25 October; more details on the 65% custom keyboard and the sale can be found here. With a S$690 starting price, the TGR 910 is certainly not affordable. But it’s also a very sought-after “grail” for many keyboard enthusiasts, so it won’t be easy to win the raffle. All the best!