Video: QwertyKeys QK60 Super Quick Review – Group Buy Now Live in Malaysia!
October 12, 2022 Andrew Cheng

QwertyKeys is back with another custom keyboard, the QK60. Not only does it sound and feel premium, its value proposition is absolutely insane: the QK60 retails from only RM719, and its group buy is now live in Malaysia!

The Malaysian sale of the QK60 is run by none other than Rebult Keyboards. It’s available in winkey, winkeyless, and HHKB layouts. It can also be configured with an acrylic or aluminium top; while the acrylic option doesn’t sound particularly premium, it does feel look and feel very nice.

Group buy of the QwertyKeys QK60 is open until 25 October, and it is an unlimited group buy. It’s estimated to start shipping sometime in February 2023, which is quite fast for a custom keyboard. If you’re keen to get the QK60, watch our super quick review of the custom keyboard in the video above!