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Moondrop Stellaris Price Revealed – $109.99 for Its First Planar IEM
September 29, 2022 Andrew Cheng

The Moondrop Stellaris is one of the brand’s most anticipated releases this year, given that it is Moondrop’s first-ever planar IEM. Well, the Stellaris is now available for purchase, and it’s priced quite competitively.

Currently listed for sale on renowned online store HiFiGo, the Stellaris is priced at only $109.99 – that comes up to about RM510. For that kind of money, it is packed with a 14.5mm planar magnetic driver that’s said to be tuned to the VDSF target response for a “powerful sound performance,” as the brand puts it.

Other specifications of the Stellaris include a shell with an iridescent finish, a removable cable (naturally), two different kinds of ear tips (Softears ultra-clear tips and MIS-tip foam tips), as well as a rather nice-looking storage pouch.

You can now purchase the Moondrop Stellaris on HiFiGo for $109.99. Local retailers Red Ape and Stars Picker are also currently taking pre-orders of the new IEM for RM509, though you do have to wait a while longer for the Stellaris to start shipping from them.