Photo Essay: Hoyo Fest 2022 With Genshin Impact at La Juiceria Superfoods Signature
September 28, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Today marks the start of Hoyoverse’s Hoyo Fest 2022 in Malaysia! The first game to be featured is Genshin Impact, and we were invited by Hoyoverse to experience the event at La Juiceria Superfoods Signature outlet at Nadi Bangsar.

Naturally, the cafe is furnished with Genshin Impact decorations; there’s even a photo wall right outside with the main Hoyo Fest visual for fans to take pictures with. Yes, Klee’s bomb and the (hilarious) Luxurious Sea-Lord claymore are also there for fans to use.

Getting into the cafe is a seamless process: just show up on time for your reserved time slot, wait in line, and you’ll be allowed in once the tables are ready. Do note that each time slot is limited to 45 minutes, and only those with reservations are allowed entry, so overcrowding shouldn’t be an issue.

Once you step into the cafe, you’ll be greeted by a plethora of Genshin Impact decorations. There are standees of various characters – including the Raiden Shogun herself – large posters with art from the game, and even Hoyo Fest themed tables. It’s a very festive ambiance, basically.

Then comes the main reason – well, one of the reasons – to visit Hoyo Fest: the food! There are two options: the RM36 set comes with a main and a drink, while the RM45 set adds on an appetiser. Patrons can choose between four different mains and three drinks, which are all themed after Genshin Impact.

Oh, you can also look for a staff with a “special hair accessory” at the cafe to get a scratch card. You’ll just have to show the staff that you follow Genshin Impact on any social media sites to get the card. Depending on your luck, the scratch card can win you either a postcard or a cute chibi-style standee of certain characters.

Unfortunately, we weren’t lucky enough to get the latter.

Once you’re done with your meal, you can head to the merchandise area to get your…Genshin Impact merchandise. Each patron can only buy one item of the same style, with a limit of 10 items per person. You can look at the full list of merchandise on sale here.

And that’s our Hoyo Fest 2022 experience at La Juiceria Superfoods Signature! If you’re driving there (like we did), you’ll be happy to know that parking there is quite easy. Nadi Bangsar itself has enough parking spaces when we got there for our 12PM time slot, and you can also park at the open air parking opposite the building.

As mentioned, only those with a reservation can enter the cafe for Hoyo Fest 2022, so make sure you booked a time slot right here before giving it a visit. Genshin Impact will be featured at the cafe until 9 October, followed by Tears of Themis (12 – 23 October) and Honkai Impact 3rd from 26 October to 6 November.