Video: Akko MOD 007S v2 + Akko POM Silver Switch Sound Test
September 24, 2022 Andrew Cheng

One of the biggest appeals of the Akko MOD 007S v2 is the fact that it is the brand’s first-ever custom keyboard with south-facing switches, ensuring maximum compatibility with various keycap profiles. We’re also testing out Akko’s new POM Silver linear switches in this sound test!

Aside from the new south-facing switch orientation, the MOD 007S v2 also features an aluminium case, a gasket mounting system, a hotswap PCB, polycarbonate and aluminium plates, as well as plate-mounted stabilisers, though it supports screw-in stabilisers as well. As for the POM Silver switch, it’s a linear switch with a full POM construction and a long 22mm spring.

If you’re keen to get the Akko MOD 007S v2 or the POM Silver switch, you can do so on Akko’s official online store. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for the full review of these two products!