SINGAKBD Unikorn R2.2 Rerun Happening Q3/Q4 2022 – In-stock Sale, RM1,800 Estimated Price
September 15, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Local brand SINGAKBD’s very popular Unikorn custom keyboard is set to go on sale very soon; as soon as this month, in fact. Set to be sold as an in-stock product – albeit through a raffle – only 600 units of the highly sought-after 60% keyboard will be available.

Four different colours of the Unikorn R2.2 have been confirmed: Berlin Blue, Flamenco Red, Reseda Green, and Pewter. All of these colourways are aluminium models, so there will not be a polycarbonate version of the keyboard for this round of sale.

According to SINGAKBD, 600 units of the Unikorn R2.2 are available in-stock; they will be sold in two runs (300 units each). The keyboard’s sale will be done through a raffle instead of a first-come-first-served format as well.

As for pricing, the SINGAKBD Unikorn R2.2 rerun is expected to go for around RM1,800; a price increase of approximately RM200 due to higher metal prices. Beyond the Q3/Q4 2022 time frame, no exact date has been given for the raffle of the Unikorn R2.2 – follow SINGAKBD’s official Discord channel for the latest updates.