Video: EVIS Intelligent Desk Review – RM4,099 Feature-packed Standing Desk!
September 14, 2022 Andrew Cheng

You may have heard of smart desks, but what about an intelligent desk? Well, that’s exactly what the EVIS Intelligent Desk is. Not only does it have a smart lamp, it can even keep your coffee hot! Even though it’s quite costly, it is a feature-packed standing desk.

So how much does the Intelligent Desk cost? A cool RM4,099, and that’s only the base price of the standing desk. But for that kind of money, you do get a slew of features, including the aforementioned smart lamp – it can be controlled with gestures – and cup warmer. Did we mention it has a built-in wireless charger as well?

If you’re keen to learn more about the EVIS Intelligent Desk, watch our video review above! You can also check out EVIS’ online store for more details on the standing desk.