Genshin Impact x Domino’s Pizza Collab Happening in Malaysia – Merch up for Grabs
September 12, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Now this is an interesting collaboration between Genshin Impact and Domino’s Pizza. Happening right here in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, the event allows customers to purchase “Emergency Food” combo from Domino’s, which also includes Genshin Impact merchandise.

The event will take place between 14 September to 26 October, so there’s plenty of time for Genshin Impact fans to get the special combo from Domino’s Pizza. For the Malaysian market, two combos are available, and each of them offer slightly different merchandise.

Take the more affordable RM29.95 combo, which includes a Genshin Impact non-woven pizza bag, postcard, and tinplate button badge. The RM59.90 combo, on the other hand, throws in an extra Genshin Impact plastic A4 file folder, along with an extra postcard and tinplate button badge.

Aside from these special combos, several Domino’s Pizza outlets throughout Malaysia will be decorated with Genshin Impact elements as well; some of them will even have activities that offer Genshin Impact prizes. The full list of participating outlets and activity schedule can be found here.

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