U Mobile Introduces New U Postpaid 68 & U Postpaid 98 Plans – Up to 1TB Quota for RM98/Month
August 18, 2022 Andrew Cheng

U Mobile just launched two new postpaid plans: U Postpaid 68 and U Postpaid 98. The latter plan is particularly interesting, as it offers a whopping 1TB of 5G-ready high-speed data. On top of that, that quota can also be shared to other lines.

This can be done through the U FamilyShare line, and it costs just RM38 per line (up to six). However, it’s worth noting that this particular feature is only offered for the U Postpaid 98 plan; the U Postpaid 68 – which comes with 100GB quota – does not have it.

Aside from the generous 1TB data and the ability to share the quota with six other lines, the U Postpaid 98 plan also comes with 15GB of free global roaming and incoming calls in 63 different destinations. These include US, UK, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and of course, Singapore.

As for the more affordable U Postpaid 68 plan, it also gets to enjoy the free 15GB roaming data and incoming calls in 63 destinations. Just like the U Postpaid 98 plan, it also has unlimited calls to all networks in Malaysia.

It’s worth noting that U Mobile’s new U Postpaid 68 and U Postpaid 98 plans are 5G-ready; when the telco rolls out its 5G network, these two plans – alongside the previously unveiled U Postpaid 38 plan – can enjoy 5G connectivity. More details on the new plans can be found on U Mobile’s website.