Malaysia Will Have Its Own Keyboard Meetup on 1 October – IC Now Live
August 16, 2022 Andrew Cheng

We’ve seen plenty of keyboard meetups outside of our country, and finally, we’re getting our very own (large-scale) meetup right here in Malaysia. Set to take place on 1 October, the local keyboard meetup will be held at the Grey Box in GMBB Kuala Lumpur.

It looks to be still early in the planning stage, so an interest check for the keyboard meetup is now live. Aside from, well, checking interest for the meetup, the organiser (Keebmunity) will also decide how the event will be done based on feedback received. Do note that the IC form will close on 27 August.

Of course, there is an admission fee to the keyboard meetup, though the exact price has not been detailed yet. According to Keebmunity, the ticket price will be revealed in the near future on its Discord server.

It remains to be seen if any notable brands will join the Malaysian keyboard meetup, such as SINGAKBD, Monokei, or Axiöm Studios. Rest assured, we will keep an eye on the meetup for any interesting development; more details should be revealed as we get closer to 1 October 2022.