Revisiting the TNG RFID Fuelling System After a Year – Has It Improved?
August 12, 2022 Andrew Cheng

The pilot programme for the TNG RFID Fuelling system started about a year ago, where only five Shell stations in Klang Valley were equipped with the system then. Fast forward to today, the convenient payment method is now available at 88 Shell stations nationwide.

It’s been a while since I’ve used the TNG RFID Fuelling system, and now that it’s available at more locations, I decided to give it another shot. Well, my experience this time around is definitely much more pleasant, and I may just use it more often moving forward.

First, let’s talk about how to activate TNG RFID Fuelling. It’s quite simple: just click on the Shell icon in the TNG eWallet app, tap on “activate fuelling,” set a preset amount to be deducted when you’re refuelling, and you’re done.

What happens if you refuelled less than the amount you’ve set? No problem: any unused amount will be refunded back to your TNG eWallet within two business days. With that in mind, you should set the amount higher than how much you usually pay at the fuelling station. That way, you’ll get a full tank of fuel.

Once that’s settled, you can head to any one of 88 Shell stations with the TNG RFID Fuelling system installed to refuel. The TNG eWallet app does show Shell stations that offer the feature, but I decided to just visit the Shell station at R&R Kinrara right beside the KESAS highway to see if it had the system.

Luckily for me, it does! Every Shell station that has TNG RFID Fuelling will have two bays with the system installed, and these fuelling bays (based on my experience) are usually positioned at the furthest corner of the station. Alternatively, you can look for the RFID logo on the pump station…or the RFID reader itself.

At the Shell station in R&R Kinrara, the RFID reader is overhead – that is, it’s mounted to the ceiling of the station – instead of to the side. The latter was the system I tried over a year ago, which didn’t work as well as I had hoped.

Anyway, the moment I drove to the fueling bay (while making sure my car is facing the reader), the overhead RFID reader almost immediately recognised my car, much to my surprise. It’s quite easy to tell if the reader picked up my car’s RFID tag: there’s a bright display right next to the pump station that shows the status of the system.

Once it says “fuel now,” I can start the refuelling process. Seamless, quick, and convenient!

When I’m done refuelling my car, I just needed to return the nozzle back to the pump station, get back into my car, and drive off. I can check my transactions through the TNG eWallet app itself – the receipt was also emailed to me – and the unused funds from the refuelling amount I set beforehand were refunded to my TNG eWallet app relatively quickly too.

Overall, it was a smooth, seamless process refuelling my car with the TNG RFID Fuelling system. It is much better than my initial impression with the payment method last year, so evidently, improvements have been made to the system. There’s also the fact that it’s offered at more Shell stations now.

Moving forward, over 200 Shell stations will be installed with the TNG RFID Fuelling system by the end of the year. It’s certainly a convenient way to refuel your car, as you don’t have to interact with a point-of-sale system or through an app on your phone, such as Petronas’ Setel app.

If you’ve got a TNG RFID tag installed on your car, give the TNG RFID Fuelling system a try – you may be surprised by how seamless it is.