Drop Teases SENSE75 Custom Keyboard With “Genuine Gasket Feel”
August 8, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Drop is set to release a new custom keyboard, and it looks to be the company’s most premium offering yet. Enter the SENSE75, a 75% keyboard with a gasket mount system that “genuinely provides a gasket feel.

Gasket mounted keyboards have gotten increasingly popular in recent times, though the implementation of the mounting system differs from one keyboard to another. Given Drop’s lofty promise of a “genuine gasket feel” for the SENSE75, it’ll be interesting to see how its gasket mounting works.

Aside from that, the SENSE75 also has a number of features that are geared toward enthusiasts. These include PCB mounted stabilisers, south-facing per-key RGB lighting, an aluminium case, a hotswap PCB, as well as “accessible configuration software and QMK firmware,” though there’s no mention of VIA compatibility.

No word yet on when the Drop SENSE75 will be available for purchase, though registration of interest for the custom keyboard is now open. Rest assured, we will keep a close eye on the availability of the SENSE75.