Proton X50 Best-Selling Car in July 2022 With 4,763 Units Sold – Beats Myvi, Bezza, Saga
August 5, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Now this is interesting. With over 4,763 units sold in Malaysia last month, the Proton X50 was the best-selling car on our shores in July 2022. According to Proton, this is the first-time ever an SUV managed to grab the title.

Typically, the monthly best-selling car title goes to Perodua’s ever-popular Myvi or Bezza; occasionally, even Proton’s own Saga. The fact that the X50 got the title instead is definitely an impressive achievement, given that it also sits at a higher price bracket than the three aforementioned models.

“The company is immensely proud of the model becoming the first SUV to be crowned as the best-selling vehicle in Malaysia and we are thankful for the support from our customers,” said the deputy CEO of Proton, Roslan Abdullah.

“This achievement and Proton’s sales leadership in other segments shows our business plan is on the right track and repays the confidence placed in the brand by buyers, investors and other stakeholders,” he added.

Not far behind the Proton X50 in total sales for July 2022 is the Saga with 4,521 units sold. This is followed by the X70 (1,704 units) and Exora (476 units) – both of them led their respective segments.