Monokei Standard – Custom Keyboard Designed in Malaysia & Singapore From RM610
July 30, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Now this is interesting. Enter the Monokei Standard, a custom keyboard designed right here in Malaysia and Singapore. Monokei typically makes high-end, costly keyboards, but not the Standard: it starts at only RM610, which is really quite affordable for a custom keyboard of this calibre.

For starters, the Standard is a gasket-mounted pre-built keyboard, which is great. Typically, more affordable keyboards use a simpler, more conventional tray mount system, which makes for a stiffer typing experience.

According to Monokei, the gasket strips and polycarbonate plate of the Standard will provide a cushioned, firm typing experience.

As for the case of the Standard, it is made from injection-moulded ABS plastic to bring down its cost. The custom keyboard also features a hotswap PCB, Cherry screw-in stabilisers, Monokei’s own Series 1 double shot PBT keycaps, and three switch options: Cherry MX Red, MX Silent Red, and MX Brown.

Oh, did we mention that the Standard is also a wireless keyboard? That’s right, it supports both Bluetooth – with a quoted battery life of up to 30 days from the 1,000mAh battery – and USB-C to USB-C connection for those who prefer to use the keyboard in wired mode.

The Monokei Standard is now available for pre-order until 16 September; fulfilment is expected to start sometime in November 2022. If you’re here in Malaysia, you can get it from Ana tomy with a RM610 starting price. Alternatively, you can check out other regional vendors that carry the Standard right here.