Honda City Hatchback – From RM2.9k to RM3.9k More With SST
July 1, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Aside from the Honda City, the Honda City Hatchback also gets a price increase, now that the sales tax exemption on CKD and CBU cars is no longer valid. On the bright side, the price hike for the B-segment hatchback is not quite as steep as its sedan counterpart.

Depending on which variant you’re looking at, the City Hatchback is now between RM2,930 to RM3,891.49 more expensive. The model that sees the biggest price hike is actually the V Sensing variant, followed closely by the range-topping RS hybrid trim.

Honda City HatchbackCurrent Price (with SST)Price (without SST)Price difference
1.5L SRM78,600RM75,670+RM2,930
1.5L ERM86,600RM83,080+RM3,520
1.5L VRM91,600RM87,860+RM3,740
1.5L V SensingRM95,600RM91,708.51+RM3,891.49
1.5L RSRM109,800RM105,950.45+RM3,849.55

It’s worth noting that the new prices you see in the table above are only for new bookings placed after 30 June 2022. If you placed your order earlier, you’ll still be eligible for the tax-free prices; you just need to make sure your car is registered by 31 March 2023 next year.

Regardless, if you’re interested to get the Honda City Hatchback, you can place your booking online here. Alternatively, bookings can be done through the HondaTouch app as well – you can download it from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.