PS Plus Upgrades Will Be Pro-Rated to the Subscription Period of Your Current Plan
May 24, 2022 Andrew Cheng

The new PlayStation Plus tiers are now available in Malaysia! With the launch of the revamped service, every existing subscribers to the service now belong to the Essential plan. If you want to upgrade to the new Extra or Deluxe tiers, the cost will be pro-rated to the subscription period of your current plan.

Here’s one example: our current Essential plan is set to expire on 23 November 2024. If we were to upgrade our plan to the Deluxe tier, it will cost us RM410.24. That’s quite a bit more than the RM309 annual fee of the Deluxe plan, but that’s because the subscription period will be matched to our current plan’s expiry on 23 November 2024.

Of course, the cost is also pro-rated with our current Essential plan in mind.

With that in mind, you’ll have to pay more to upgrade your plan if you’ve been stacking your PS Plus subscription like we did. It’s also worth noting that once you did the upgrade, you can still redeem a PS Plus membership voucher, but it will be converted to a length of time on your current plan “equivalent to the monetary value of the voucher.”

Say you’re claiming a 12-month PS Plus voucher. If you’re on the Deluxe plan, it will be converted to 190 days of subscription; 219 days if you’re on the Extra tier. Of course, if you’re on the Essential plan – or you don’t have an active PS Plus membership – you’ll get 365 days of subscription to the Essential tier instead.

More details on the new PlayStation Plus plans can be found here. You can also find the full list of games offered to Extra and Deluxe members right here.