CableMod Keyboard Cable Review: Premium, High-End Coiled Cables (With 40% Discount!)
May 9, 2022 Andrew Cheng

CableMod is a brand name that’s quite well-known in the PC building scene for its range of sleeved cables. In recent times, the company ventured into the custom keyboard scene with the same high quality cables, which also offers a ton of customisation options.

Naturally, this level of customisability and quality also come with a premium price tag, but you’re definitely getting an equally premium keyboard cable too. As a cherry on top, if you’re here in Malaysia, you can even get a 40% discount on a CableMod keyboard cable and $10 flat shipping rate.

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What It Is

CableMod offers four different options for its keyboard cable: Classic Straight (from $24.90), Pro Straight (from $29.90), Classic Coiled (from $49.90), and Pro Coiled (from $58.90). The Classic options are basically cables without a “quick disconnect” (QDC) connector – aviator or Slimline – while the Pro ones come with such a connector.

In CableMod’s configurator, you can change the colour of virtually every part of the keyboard cable. These include the cable’s inner paracord base layer, the ModMesh nylon top layer, the connector (you can also change the type of connector), and the QDC.

There are also different finishing options for the QDC and connectors! The QDC has three choices of finishing (anodise, cerakote, powder coating), while the connectors have the same options, with the addition of heatshrinking.

Needless to say, the customisation options are extensive. Did I mention you can also change the length of the cable, along with the orientation of the coil?

The Good Stuff

Of course, one of the best features of CableMod’s keyboard cable is its sheer customisability mentioned above. This is something that’s not offered on such a scale from other vendors, which is really a unique selling point for CableMod. There’s even a live preview of how your customised cable will look like.

Aside from that, the quality of the cable itself is also very good. I’ve received two separate cables from the company, and both of them have no noticeable finishing issues. There are no visible scratches, the cables feel sturdy, and I’m especially impressed with the straightness of the coil.

One of the biggest issues with cheaper coiled cables is the crooked appearance of the coil, along with inconsistent coiling. CableMod’s coiled keyboard cable does not suffer from this at all; not only is the cable very straight, the coiling is also tight and consistent.

I also like CableMod’s Slimline connector. It has a nice “snap” when connecting the two halves, and the same applies to the aviator QDC. While the latter feels a tad too tight when pushing in, I appreciate that the aviator’s screw is not crooked – this is an issue I faced with other keyboard cables.

Last but not least is the packaging of the CableMod keyboard cable. It’s a nice zippered case with a foam to protect the cable during transit. It feels a little…too much for “just” a cable, but I’m all for it.

The Bad Stuff

It’s great that CableMod offers so many customisation options for its keyboard cable, but the downside to this is the final cost of the customised product. Take the QDC: the aviator connector is the default option, and opting for the lower profile Slimline connector is a $16 upgrade. Yes, $16 for just a different connector,

Selecting a different finish for the QDC also increases the price of the cable. Want a Cerakote coating? It’ll set you back $4 for each end of the connector. Basically, depending on the customisation options you’re going for, expect to pay much more than what the starting prices suggest.

Is It Worth It?

Even though the CableMod keyboard cable can get pretty expensive, you are getting a high quality, premium product. It has a tight, straight coil, the finishing of the cable itself and connectors are excellent, and the ability to customise the colour to your liking means you can get a cable that is uniquely yours.

If the CableMod cable is still a tad too expensive for you, good news. If you’re here in Malaysia, you can get the aforementioned 40% discount on the total cost of the cable, not to mention a flat $10 shipping to get it delivered to a Malaysian address.

All you need to do is use the code MALAYSIA40 at checkout to enjoy the discount. CableMod did not specify exactly how long the discount code will be valid for, so you may want to be quick to secure the savings.

Keen to get the CableMod keyboard cable? Then start configuring your very own cable right here.