Video: CableMod Keyboard Cable Review
May 7, 2022 Andrew Cheng

As you get deeper into the custom keyboard rabbit hole, you might be thinking of getting a custom coiled cable for your sweet custom board. Well, if you’re looking for a premium option, consider CableMod’s excellent keyboard cable with a ton of customisation options!

On top of that, if you’re here in Malaysia, you can use the code MALAYSIA40 to get 40% discount on the total price of your configured CableMod cable. You also only need to pay $10 (about RM43) to get the cable shipped to a Malaysian address – that’s a good price for international shipping.

Keen to get CableMod’s keyboard cable? You can start configuring your own cable right here. We weren’t told how long the 40% discount code (MALAYSIA40) will be valid for, so you may want to be quick to secure the savings.