Mode Sonnet Pre-Orders Now Open – From $299, October 2022 Shipping
May 5, 2022 Andrew Cheng

After a slight delay, the Mode Sonnet is finally available for pre-order date. Touted by the brand to be its “best keyboard yet,” the Sonnet is a 75% custom keyboard offered in a variety of materials and accent pieces that is configurable right here from only $299 (about RM1,300).

It’s worth noting that the Sonnet is open for pre-order indefinitely. Mode’s goal is to make the keyboard as accessible as possible by doing so; a great move by the brand to make custom keyboards more readily available.

Just like the Mode SixtyFive and Eighty, the Sonnet can be mounted in two ways: isolated top mount or stack mount (the silicone base add-on is required for this). What’s unique to the Sonnet is the bottom case with “precision-milled” curves, which give the keyboard a…premium aesthetic, in our opinion.

The Mode Sonnet is now available for pre-order, and it will start shipping sometime in October 2022. While it starts at $299, the price will go up depending on the materials and options that you pick for the keyboard. You can configure your own Sonnet on Mode’s website.