Astro Now Offering Fibre Broadband Standalone – RM99 for 50Mbps, RM249 for 800Mbps
May 5, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Previously bundled with Astro’s various TV packs, the company is now offering its fibre broadband as a standalone product. With prices starting at RM99 for 50Mbps, it’s priced quite well against its competition.

Just like the previous Astro subscription bundle, Astro Fibre is offered in four different speeds: 50Mbps (RM99), 100Mbps (RM129), 500Mbps (RM189), and 800Mbps (RM249). Regardless of which speed you go for, you will get a WiFi 6 router.

Interestingly, if you get the 100Mbps or above plan, you will also receive a free mesh WiFi for 24 months. After the 24-month period is over, you can either return the mesh WiFi, or pay a monthly subscription fee. Of course, all of these plans come with a 24-month contract to.

More information on Astro Fibre can be found right here, along with the Astro TV packs on offer if you also want to get an Astro subscription. You can sign up for the fibre internet plan through the same link too.