New PlayStation Plus Tiers Going Live in Malaysia Earlier on 23 May
April 25, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Now this is a pleasant surprise. It appears the revamped PlayStation Plus service with different tiers will be available in Asia (including Malaysia) earlier than expected. Originally set for a June 2022 launch, the new PS Plus tiers will now be available here on 23 May.

For the Malaysian market, the revamped PS Plus service will be offered in three tiers: Essential (basically the original version), Extra, and Deluxe. Essential needs no elaboration as it is the PS Plus membership we’re all familiar with, while Extra adds on a catalogue of up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games. Of course, these games will be downloadable.

As for Deluxe, it includes access to PlayStation, PS2, and PSP games to download and play; you also get time-limited game trials.

Pricing wise, the Essential tier remains the same at RM29 monthly, RM69 quarterly, or RM159 yearly. Extra, on the other hand, costs RM44 monthly, RM114 quarterly, or RM269 yearly. As for the highest-tier Deluxe, it goes for RM50 monthly, RM130 quarterly, or RM309 yearly.

To recap, the new PlayStation Plus tiers will be available in Malaysia as early as next month on 23 May. If you’ve always wanted to revisit classic titles from previous generation PlayStation consoles, it may be worth signing up for the new tiers.