Drop MT2 Keycap Renamed to DCX “Out of Respect” for Original MT3 Designer
April 25, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Drop is finally addressing the controversial naming of its new MT2 keycap profile. “Out of respect” for the original MT3 designer (Matt3o), the company has renamed the MT2 set to DCX – that stands for Drop Cylindrical X.

Why the change? Well, it’s because Matt3o was never involved in the development of the MT2 keycap profile, which understandably drew ire from the custom keyboard community. With that in mind, it’s great that Drop is admitting its oversight on the matter, and making things right for Matt3o by changing the name of the keycap profile to DCX.

Anyway, naming issue aside, Drop also revealed more details on the DCX keycap set. One of the most interesting details is the fact that DCX keycaps have “truly hidden sprue marks.” That is, the typical tiny marks on the bottom of a keycap (left from the injection molding process) will really be hidden from sight for DCX keycaps.

The first Drop DCX keycap will be available for pre-order tomorrow on 26 April in the classic White-on-Black colourway. Normally priced at $99 (about RM430), the first production run will retail at only $79 (approximately RM345) for the base kit – that’s quite an attractive price tag.