Logitech Lift Is a Funky, Ergonomic Vertical Mouse for RM299 in Malaysia
April 20, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Logitech just launched a brand new “vertical” mouse, and it’s quite affordable, especially in comparison to its more premium MX series. Enter the Logitech Lift, which will definitely appeal to folks who want a more ergonomically-friendly mouse.

For the Malaysian market, the Lift retails at RM299; a reasonable price tag for a mouse of this calibre. It is also offered in three distinct colours: Rose, Pale Grey, and the classic Graphite. However, even though it’s offered in both left- and right-handed options, only the latter is confirmed for Malaysia at the moment.

Nonetheless, the Lift’s “vertical” nature should reduce wrist strain as your hand will be resting at a more natural angle on the mouse. It has a rubber grip too – and even a “cosy thumb rest,” as Logitech puts it – for improved comfort, especially during extended use.

Naturally, the Lift is also a wireless mouse, which can be connected to a device via Bluetooth or the bundled Logi Bolt USB receiver. It is good for up to 10m of wireless range, and although it doesn’t have a built-in battery, it’s said to be able to offer up to two years of use with a single AA battery.

Unfortunately, while the local pricing of the Logitech Lift has been revealed on Logitech’s Malaysian website, it is not available for purchase in Malaysia just yet. Rest assured, we’ll keep a close eye on the local availability of this ergonomic vertical mouse.