New “Enhanced” TNG Card With NFC Now Available, But Only Reloadable Through App in May 2022
April 14, 2022 Andrew Cheng

The much anticipated Touch ‘n Go card with NFC capability is now available for purchase! Thanks to its NFC support, the new TNG card can be reloaded directly through the TNG eWallet app, but there is a caveat to this.

According to Amanz, the new “Enhanced” TNG card – yes, that’s the official name – is actually available for purchase right now: it costs RM10 if you get it from TNG’s very own hub in Nu Sentral. In fact, the new card is also sold online through some retailers, though the ones we found are listing it at a higher price.

However, even though the new Enhanced TNG card is available for purchase now, the ability to reload it through the TNG eWallet app is not ready yet. According to a sales representative at TNG’s hub in Nu Sentral (as written in Amanz’s report), the feature is only expected to be available sometime next month in May 2022.

Nonetheless, now that the Enhanced TNG card is available for purchase – from TNG’s hub itself, no less – TNG should be making an official announcement very soon. Do note that the Enhanced TNG card itself has no credit when you purchase it; you’re paying the RM10 just for the card itself, basically.