Exclusive MTG Streets of New Capenna Card Preview – Big Score
April 13, 2022 Andrew Cheng

We got an exclusive card preview for Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming set, Streets of New Capenna from Wizards of the Coast! This is Big Score, a common rarity red instant spell that can help you better manage your mana pool – and even draw some cards.

Big Score is especially useful when you’ve got too many lands in your hand, as you need to discard a card as an additional cost to cast the spell. Not only do you get to draw two cards after doing so, you’ll also receive two Treasure tokens that can be sacrificed to add one mana of any colour.

The instant speed of Big Score also means you can cast it whenever you have priority, even during your opponent’s turn. This common spell is only offered with a normal frame, and naturally, it can be found in both Draft and Set Boosters of the upcoming set.

MTG’s Streets of New Capenna set will be released on 29 April 2022. If you want to pre-order the new set, check with your favourite local game store!