Video: Keychron K8 Pro Review – VIA Support on an Affordable Pre-Built Keyboard
April 12, 2022 Andrew Cheng

One of the defining features of a custom keyboard is support for QMK and VIA, which allows for easy customisation of a keyboard’s key mapping. Well, despite being a pre-built keyboard, the Keychron K8 Pro supports the two software, along with a number of other features typically found on custom keyboards.

These include a hotswap PCB, screw-in stabilisers, and even a reasonably pleasant sound profile. It also has other creature comforts such as wireless connectivity and adjustable feet to change the typing angle. Basically, features that are not found on many custom keyboards.

If you’re looking to get an affordable TKL keyboard with some winning qualities, the Keychron K8 Pro is really worth looking into. Starting at only $74 (about RM315), you can pre-order the keyboard right now on Kickstarter until 15 April.