Here’s What You Get With the RM150 ePemula Credit From ShopeePay, TNG, BigPay & GrabPay
April 11, 2022 Andrew Cheng

If you’re a full-time student (undertaking diploma or SKM4 and above in Malaysia) or between the age of 18 to 20 (born in 2002 to 2004), you can claim RM150 worth of credit from four ewallet services today! These include ShopeePay, Touch ‘n Go eWallet, BigPay, and GrabPay.

On top of the RM150 ePemula credit, these ewallet services also offer additional incentives. Depending on what you want – or whichever platform you prefer – one option could be better than the others. If you’re having trouble picking which platform to claim your RM150 ePemula credit from, we have outlined the different benefits these ewallet services provide below.


If you’re an avid ShopeePay user, claiming the RM150 ePemula credit from this platform may be the best option for you. Aside from the RM150 ePemula credit, you’re also getting a generous RM500 worth of vouchers, so you’re effectively enjoying RM650 worth of benefits from ShopeePay.

The RM500 extra vouchers include RM90 for ShopeePay, RM310 for ShopeeFood, RM50 for Shopee Mall, and even a RM50 YES voucher for SIM and data. Unlike the RM150 ePemula credit, which can only be used for offline purchases, the extra RM500 vouchers from ShopeePay can be spent offline and online through the app.

More details on ShopeePay’s ePemula benefits (along with the claim process) can be found here.


GrabPay’s extra incentives are not too shabby either. Although its RM210 extra vouchers on top of the RM150 ePemula credit are not quite as generous as Shopee’s, it could be worth it for folks that order a lot of food delivery with GrabFood, among other things.

The RM210 vouchers from GrabPay is divided into RM150 for GrabFood and RM60 from Grab’s partners, including Harvey Norman, FamilyMart, Starbucks, and Watsons. If these incentives tickle your fancy, you can claim your ePemula credit from GrabPay right here.

TNG eWallet

TNG eWallet gives out RM200 worth of vouchers to every successful ePemula applicant, so this platform’s offer is the least attractive if you’re looking at sheer monetary value. Unfortunately, TNG eWallet did not specify either what (or where) the RM200 vouchers can be used for.

Nonetheless, if TNG eWallet is the ewallet you use the most, it can be worth it to claim for your RM150 ePemula credit from the platform. However, it’s worth mentioning that the RM150 credit cannot be used for toll or parking payment. More details are available can be found on TNG’s website.


BigPay’s extra incentives are by far the best of the lot…in monetary value, at least. The ewallet service is offering a whopping RM1,500 in vouchers, including RM1,000 from AirAsia Academy, RM325 on various AirAsia flights and hotel deals, RM76 to be used on AirAsia Deliveries, as well as a RM40 voucher from Zalora.

Although the RM1,500 extra benefits look great at a glance, it’s only worth it if you actually find the vouchers useful. That being said, one of BigPay’s biggest advantages is the fact that you also get a Mastercard or Visa prepaid card with the ewallet service, which can be used for an easier payment process without having to use your smartphone.

More details on BigPay’s ePemula benefits can be found here.

It’s worth mentioning again that no matter which platform you’re claiming the RM150 ePemula credit from, it can only be used for offline purchases. The RM150 credit is also only valid until 10 June 2022, so make sure you spend all of it by that date.

Despite its limitations, the RM150 ePemula credit is still beneficial to those who are eligible for the programme. After all, over two million youths and students are expected to benefit from this initiative, which also cost RM300 million to implement.