2022 iPhone SE Official – A15 Bionic, Same Design, $429
March 9, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Apple just unveiled the new iPhone SE, and it looks…well, identical to the 2020 model. The differences all lie under the hood, including the blazing fast Apple A15 Bionic chip. That’s right, this affordable iPhone features the same chip as the current iPhone 13 lineup.

For the US market, the new iPhone SE retails from only $429; that comes up to about RM1,795. No word yet on the Malaysian pricing of the affordable new iPhone, but we expect to hear from Apple very soon regarding this.

Rounding out the specifications of the updated iPhone SE are a 4.7-inch 1334 x 750 IPS screen, an IP67 rating, better battery life (thanks to the more power-efficient A15 chip), as well as the same chassis as its predecessor, but with tougher glasses on the front and back of the phone.

The 2022 iPhone SE will hit store shelves in the US on 18 March. It remains to be seen exactly when the new iPhone will be offered in Malaysia, but rest assured, we will keep a close eye on this.