Mode Sonnet Details Revealed – $299 for a 75% Custom Keyboard
March 5, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Mode has been teasing a brand new 75% keyboard for quite some time now, and the brand finally revealed some key details. Enter the Mode Sonnet: the company’s first custom keyboard with a 75% layout and a rather interesting accent piece.

Looking at a (somewhat) exploded view of the Sonnet, the case appears to be a two-piece construction. The bottom piece looks to be secured to the keyboard assembly with just two screws, and the accent piece? Well, it seems to be magnetised!

Just like the Mode SixtyFive and Eighty, the Sonnet looks to be customisable with different colours for each part. Chances are, it will be offered in various material as well. With a $299 starting price – that comes up to about RM1,250 – it’s also priced well for a 75% custom keyboard.

Unfortunately, these are the only details revealed for the Mode Sonnet so far, though the company said that more information will be revealed in the coming weeks. To get the latest updates, you can keep an eye on Mode’s social media pages (Twitter and Instagram) as well as its Discord server.