Drop Releasing Gateron-Made “Holy Panda X” Tactile Switch on 1 March – Rounder Bump, $1 Per Switch
February 27, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Drop is releasing a new tactile switch dubbed “Holy Panda X” this coming Tuesday on 1 March. Compared to the original Holy Panda, this switch will be made by Gateron, and it will feature a rounder bump with a more “aggressive” return…and a pretty steep price tag.

First, let’s talk prices. Drop will price a box of Holy Panda X switches – which contains 35 units – for $35 (about RM145). Basically, you’ll be paying $1 (approximately RM4.20) per switch; that’s quite a steep price tag, even when compared to other high-end aftermarket switches.

That being said, you can place a pre-order of the Holy Panda X for slightly cheaper on 1 March itself – a box of the tactile switch will cost $29 (around RM120) on that day. The regular pricing will be implemented “shortly thereafter,” though no specific timeline was given by Drop.

Anyway, for that kind of money, the Holy Panda X promises a more rounded tactile bump than the original Holy Panda. The return/upstroke of the switch is also described to be “more aggressive, coming back sooner and slightly harder.”

According to Drop, reviews of the Holy Panda X switch will be released on 1 March itself. If you’re keen to purchase it, you can do so right here this coming Tuesday.