Honda Certified Used Car Now Available in Malaysia – Offered at 6 Dealerships
February 23, 2022 Andrew Cheng

Honda Malaysia just launched its own used car business. Dubbed Honda Certified Used Car (HCUC), it offers pre-owned Honda vehicles through an “accessible, trustworthy platform,” as the company puts it.

All Honda pre-owned cars that are sold through HCUC are no older than five years, and their mileage are said to be below the 100,000km mark,. Aside from that, they have gone through a stringent 288-point inspection as well conducted by Honda Certified Inspectors.

Of course, they’re also fitted with genuine parts and are “free from major accidents and flood damage.”

“Honda Malaysia is committed to offering products and services of the highest quality and ensuring that all our cars, be it new or pre-owned, provide a feeling of joy to the car owners,” said the MD and CEO of Honda Malaysia, Madoka Chujo.

“As such, we rolled out HCUC as an additional option for customers to own their preferred Honda cars and enjoy being a Honda owner,” she added.

At the moment, HCUC is available at six Honda dealerships: MJN Motors (Selangor), Tiong Nam Motor (Selangor), Kah Motor (Penang), Kah Motor (Johor), Yong Ming Motor (Johor) and Chuan Thye Motor (Pahang). Honda Malaysia said that HCUC will be gradually expanded to meet the growing demand for used cars in Malyasia.